Alaska 150A

  • Vintgar A is a tall, narrow and round stove with clear lines
  • This stove features the option to install an additional heat accumulating stones inside the upper part of the stove, which accumulates heat while burning and emits it for several hours after the fire has gone out
  • LER – one-handed regulation of primary, secondary and tertiary air
  • option of connecting a flue: above or behind,
  • Lokaterm automatic door (LAD) with self-locking mechanism,
  • quality sealing throughout the entire service life,
  • LCS system for automatic cleaning of the door glass with pre-heated secondary air
  • option of connecting it to an external air supply necessary for combustion,
  • fixed hollow and cool door handle,
  • black metal coating
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Dimensions / weight / power:
Dimensions W/D/H 464 x 1507 mm
Weight: 150 kg
Nominated power: 6,3 kW
Heating surface: 50-70 m2

Installation dimensions:
Chimney connection diameter: 150 mm
Air supply connection diameter:  100 mm
Rear chimney pipe connection height (centre): 1315 mm
Air supply connection height (centre): 432 mm

Important information:
Primary air – YES
Secondary air – YES
Tertiary air – YES
Minimum flue draught : 12 Pa
Flue gas temperature at the stove outlet: 293°C
Efficiency: 80 %
Recommended maximum length of firewood logs: 25 cm

Safety distance from flammable objects:
Front min.: 1000 mm
Rear min.: 200 mm
Sides min.: 400 mm