Alaska 120A

  • Vintgar A is narrow and round stove with clear lines
  • LER – one-handed regulation of primary, secondary and tertiary air,
  • option of connecting a flue: above,
  • Lokaterm automatic door (LAD) with self-locking mechanism,
  • quality sealing throughout the entire service life,
  • LCS system for automatic cleaning of the door glass with pre-heated secondary air,
  • option of connecting it to an external air supply necessary for combustion,
  • fixed hollow and cool door handle,
  • black metal coating.
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Dimensions / weight / power:
Dimensions W/D/H 464 x 1207 mm
Weight: 120 kg
Nominated power: 6,3 kW
Heating surface: 50-70 m2

Installation dimensions:
Chimney connection diameter: 150 mm
Air supply connection diameter: 100 mm
Rear chimney pipe connection height (centre): NO
Air supply connection height (centre): 432 mm

Important information:
Primary air – YES
Secondary air – YES
Tertiary air – YES
Minimum flue draught : 12 Pa
Flue gas temperature at the stove outlet: 293 °C
Efficiency: 80 %
Recommended maximum length of firewood logs: 25 cm

Safety distance from flammable objects:
Front min.: 1000 mm
Rear min.: 200 mm
Sides min.: 400 mm